2001 Surprise Truck

    Following up his debut album with the raw and powerful  “Good Wood” CD (also solo guitar and vocals), Lynch further pushed the envelope for original guitar style and songwriting.  “Good Wood” was recorded directly to 2-inch tape at producer Steve Refling’s Venice, California studio.  Lynch and Refling initially recorded 27 tunes, and chose 14 to be included on the final album. Many different guitars were used, including a 1930's Regal F hole. The recording is very personal.  Lynch recalls...

“Steve told me to  ‘relax and let go.’ I wanted to hear the 
squeaks and the movements and the string noise.  
I wanted it to feel like I was in your living room, 
and I wanted to connect.”

Released independently on the Surprise Truck label, the songwriting, guitar playing and vocal performances on “Good Wood” have a way of getting under your skin. Each time you listen to the album you are drawn in deeper, as additional nuances and insights are revealed. 

"I'm getting impromptu phone calls from 
professional sound people who tell me it's the 
only album they listen to. It never leaves the CD player."

 “It's more of an old-timey jazz-bluesy feel updated, 
say if Leon Redbone played more funky or if Dr. John played 
acoustic guitar kind of thing.  Real slippery and slidey 
and greasy, with a lot of old-style funk to it, 
Ray Charles instead of MuddyWaters.”  

                                            -Scott Homewood, journalist and music writer, reviewed Good Wood 
                                                   for Freight Train  Boogie http://www.freighttrainboogie.com/Archives/Archive-L.htm#GoodWood%0Dshapeimage_3_link_0

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