David Lynch

Pig ‘n’ Whistle

Hollywood, CA

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The Players: David Lynch, vocals, acoustic guitar.

Material: Singer-songwriter David Lynch delivers what he calls “California Bluegrusion,” which is best described as a mixed bag of blues, folk-rock and funk. But these compositions really defy easy catagorization as they are very personal and come

straight from the singer’s life experiences, making each one interesting and unique. Lynch plumbs the depths of the human condition through the lens of a breezy and easy-going SoCal coastal town lifestyle that he embraces and clearly wants to share through his songwriting. The result is a cohesive collection of songs that present complex and colorful slices of life for his audience to ponder. Like a Zen Buddhist paradox koan, Lynch’s lyrics inspire contemplation by juxtaposing the very common with the cosmic. For example, the folk-laced pop tune “Feel the Rush” reminds us that we are all part of the Universe and the

clamour and chaos of the daily grind is only as significant as we choose to make it.

Musicianship: With versitle vocals that are sturdy, powerful and fluid, Lynch is able to communicate the vagaries of life that he so elequently captures in his lyrics. His guitar work is intricate and interesting and he plays with an unrestrained passion that really serves the songs. Flowing guitar lines accomplish more than mere vocal accompaniment. Instead, Lynch skillfully uses clever riffs and subtle runs to punctuate his lyrics.

Performance: As might be expected for a Tuesday evening opening slot, attendance was sparse, but that didn’t stop Lynch from giving his all. While the lack of audience members may have tempted some performers to cut to the chase, Lynch took the

time to set up each song with a thought-provoking introduction which served to confirm the suspicion that these tunes are intensely personal. And even though his compositons touched on lofty themes, there was nothing pretentious about this performer. Lynch exuded a Zen-like calm and confidence that put the whole room at ease.

Summary: Often a great song is better served when presented by someone other than the writer. This is definitely not the case here. David Lynch delivers the total package––skillfull guitar work, smooth and sincere vocals and a confident stage presence. And perhaps most importantly, his songs are easy to relate to, which make them memorable. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, this singer-songwriter is including you in his journey. By the end of the set, you are likely to feel as if you know David Lynch, and maybe even yourself, a little better than you did before.

——Lisa Elaine Scott

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Recent Publicity For David’s Live Shows:

You have reached the home of California Bluegrusion.

I am currently on tour supporting my new album “I Can See Sound.” 

In the past 8 months I have been to Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand,  Australia, Indonesia, Paris, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Ireland and Germany.

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